The Borderland 2015

July 20-26 2015.

Once again we venture forth towards distant lands, on the border between dreams and reality.

What is it that separates dream from reality?

Can you define the thin line that split the two?

What does that border consist of?

Every day we live our lives without fulfilling our dreams, we enforce that border, grow the distance between the two. We make the real more real and the dream more of a dream.

The purpose of The Borderland is to shorten that distance. The distance between dream and reality. It is a place where neither exist, and both exist. At the same time.

Dream and reality, coming together. In the Borderland between the two.

The Borderland is a participatory community, where everything is created by its members.

Being a fully participatory event, The Borderland will not be open to spectators. If you want to participate as a co-creator, please jump in to our Facebook Group, and read more about registration here.

This event happens because of you.


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