It is on. The process is alive.

To be able to attend the Borderland, you have to register as a member of the non profit organisation that runs the event. By doing this, you become a full co-creator of the event itself, with all the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. In our bylaws, it reads that “Everyone, to the largest possible extent, should have an equal opportunity to attend”. At The Borderland, everything is art, including this registration process. It’s intriguing design will make you feel safe, while still being challenged. It will treat you fairly and equally, while still being special. It will tickle your hopes, caress your FOMO, while leading you steadfastly towards calmer water. The way we’ll do this is through a lottery.

The Radical Inclusion Lottery™ Membership Registration

Here is what we know right now:

  • 07 February – Registration opens 12:00  – 7 days
  • 14 February – Registration ends 24:00 –
  • 16 February – Lottery starts 21:00 – 8 days
  • 24 February – Lottery ends 21:00

All times are Copenhagen local time.

The Lottery Machine is being built at this very moment – the fingers are dancing on keyboards in dark rooms, running mostly on coffee and seeing an occasional ray of light passing through the blinds.

More info to come on where registration is going to be and how it works – this will be informed on all relevant platforms (FB, Talk, Newsletter etc.) For now, note the important date when the registration opens.


//The Membership Team


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