All memberships for this years event are sold out, but you can still find someone who wants to transfer their membership to you in this facebookgroup!

To be able to attend the Borderland, you have to register as a member of the non-profit organisation that runs the event. By doing this, you become a full co-creator of the event itself, with all the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. In our bylaws, it reads that “Everyone, to the largest possible extent, should have an equal opportunity to attend”. At The Borderland, everything is art, including this registration process. It’s intriguing design will make you feel safe, while still being challenged. It will treat you fairly and equally, while still being special. It will tickle your hopes, caress your FOMO, while leading you steadfastly towards calmer water. The way we’ll do this is through a lottery.



26 February – Registration opens at 21.00 CET and you will have the possibility to register and buy a membership based on “First Come First Served” – that means there will be memberships available as long as there are unclaimed ones left.

Do you understand? Yes! Good! Cause there will be some more things.

  1. This is a participatory event. If you do not know what a participatory event is, please educate yourself before entering the lottery.
  2. Also, make sure you know/understand the ten principles, especially what it means to leave no trace. It is like: You have to be ready to take responsibility for any trash or recyclables which you or anyone else around the site produce. C000L!
  3. Nothing is sold at the Borderland which means that you have to bring EVRRITHAANG you plan to eat and drink. W00000W! The only thing that is provided for you is a place to pipipoopoop (that is the thruthmanoid doing the output-thingy from that one hole stuff). If you are prepared for that, and that people might be naked and you have to ask for consent for EEERRRRRI touch and photograph etc VOILA! You are committing to co-create, to participate and to contribute to making this years Borderland an amazing experience! You are in charge!

Just one more thing, the lottery and membership process has “nothing” to do with DREAMS. Please join TALK and Facebook Group for more information.

See you online and on the surface of reality YOLOZ space babies with physical brainiez and metaphysical thinking with emotional profane vain memoriez! WE WILL HEAL! It’s a DEAL! ←—— Just wrote this as a part of the Radical Self-expression. It’s FOH REAL!


//The Memberships Team

We will only respond if you write to this email – any other channels like FB are not tracked. Help us, help you by writing to the correct email:


FAQ about memberships:

When can I register a profile?

Any time after Feb 25tn 21.00 CET. 

Who needs to register a profile?

Every single participant age 13 or older. That means that if you plan to bring your friend, family, lover or parole officer – they too have to register their own individual profiles!

How many can attend?

The number of participants at The Borderland this year is 3210.

How much does it cost?

The membership fee to become a co-creator is 850 DKK.

Is my ticket personal?

Yes. But, first of all, there are no “tickets”. You are invited to become a member of the non-profit organization that runs The Borderland. Members are then expected to actively participate in co-creating the event itself. Memberships are personal and tied to your membership profile and your real name. You are required to show a matching ID at the gate.

Can I transfer memberships?

Yes. Memberships are personal, and you will be checked in by name when you arrive at the gate. The process works like this.

  1. Memberships may only be sold for the same prize that was paid. Any attempt of scalping may result in the membership being invalidated altogether.
  2. The person who is getting the transfer first has to register their own membership profile.
  3. The one letting go of their membership will then be able to initiate a transfer by logging on to their own profile and entering the email of the one they are transferring to.

The ability to transfer memberships will close one week prior to the event.

Normal Transfers closes one week prior to the event, after which the ticket-transfer option on your profile will be locked. After this, the process will involve a little more effort through our very own fabled Borderland TRANSFERMONSTER… (DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!).

Is there any other way to get a membership?

Yes – join the The Borderland Membership Transfer Facebook Group here – and let the community know that you are looking for a membership.

The seven people of the board gets the opportunity to register themselves. It would be a problem if the people who are legally responsible for the economy and security of the event were not able to attend. Therefore, the decision was made at the AGM to give the board memberships before registration opens to the public. However, they still pay the membership fee, just like everyone else.

There are also a few memberships set aside for contingency, to allow for last-minute memberships to for example close neighbours, or government relations or other event essential functions.

Where does the money go?

First, to cover some basic costs; rent, power, toilets, safety arrangements and some other small things. The rest of the money will go towards Art Grants. As a member you will be able to apply for grants to cover expenses, and you will also be a part in deciding which projects get funded. When you have paid your fee, you can add your own project.


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