To be able to attend the Borderland, you have to register as a member of the non profit organisation that runs the event. By doing this, you become a full co-creator of the event itself, with all the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. In our bylaws, it reads that “Everyone, to the largest possible extent, should have an equal opportunity to attend”. The way we’ll do this is through a lottery.

Welcome to the Radical Inclusion Lottery

Register here

At The Borderland, everything is art, including this registration process. It’s intriguing design will make you feel safe, while still being challenged. It will treat you fairly and equally, while still being special. It will tickle your hopes, caress your FOMO, while leading you steadfastly towards calmer water. This is how you can get on the ride:

  1. Every participant going to The Borderland has to register a Burner Ticket profile on Burner Tickets.
  2. Every participant must sign up for the Borderland Lottery. Lottery sign up starts at: Friday Feb 16, 17.00 CET.
  3. To be clear, if you are going with a friend or lover, you BOTH have to register Burner Ticket profiles.
  4. To register, each person has to go through a survey, to answer questions about their participation in the event.
  5. Any profile signed up for the lottery before Friday Feb 23, 17.00 CET (one week later) will be entered into the membership lottery.
  6. On Sunday Feb 25, 17.00 CET, the lottery will start by randomly placing everyone in a queue. You will get an email with a link where you can check your current place in the queue.
  7. The system will start sending out invite emails, starting at the top of the list.
  8. When you get your invite email, you will have 24 hours to click the link and complete your payment, or the opportunity will be passed onto the next person in line.
  9. Every invite will have the opportunity to confirm and pay for yourself, and one additional co-creator. However, that person needs to have a preregistered profile that has not already been confirmed and paid for. You will need the email connected to your friend’s profile to be able to pay for them.
  10. The lottery will progress until 2500 memberships have been confirmed and paid.

You may follow the lottery progress on the registration page.

More questions? Please check out the lottery FAQ.

Important dates

Fri, Feb 16, 17.00, CET (Swedish/Danish time) – Profile registration and lottery signup opens.

Fri, Feb 23, 17.00, CET – Lottery signup ends.

Sun, Feb 25, 17.00, CET – The lottery starts.

By registering as a co-creator, you agree to:

  1. Actively contribute in the creation of the event. Note that this is a weeklong event and that all co-creators are expected to participate in both build-up and strike.
  2. The Event Participation Agreement.
  3. Read the Survival Guide.
  4. Join the Facebook group to get updates and communications related to the event.
  5. Join Talk, the main tool used for internal communication before and during the event. We also have a slack that is used by some groups.
  6. Take responsibility for everything regarding your own participation. Including for example: transportation, food, water & hygiene.
  7. Read, understand and follow the 10 principles.
  8. To Leave No Trace!
  9. That you are over age 18. Any participants under age 18 must be registered and accompanied by their legal guardians.
  10. Access to the press, etc. is not allowed. By attending the Borderland, you accept our agreement for use of images. Everyone with a camera should read this carefully.
  11. Provide your real name, email, phone number, address when registering. This could be made available to other members.
  12. Upload any dreams or activities you feel like sharing to
  13. If you are new to the Borderland, you are encouraged to take a shift in a civics function such as the Port, Clown Police, Sanctuary, etc.

FAQ about memberships:

When can I register a profile?
Any time after Fri, Feb 16, 17.00 Noon, CET. However, if you want to be a part of the lottery, you must have finished your registration before Fri, Feb 23, 17.00 Noon, CET.

Who needs to register a profile?
Every single participant age 13 or older. That means that if you plan to bring your friend, family, lover or parole officer – they too have to register their own individual profiles!

What is the membership fee?
The membership fee for 2018 is 750 DKK.

How many can attend?
The number of participants at The Borderland this year is 2500.

Is my ticket personal?
Yes. But, first of all, there are no “tickets”. You are invited to become a member of the non-profit organization that runs The Borderland. Members are then expected to actively participate in co-creating the event itself.

Memberships are personal and tied to your membership profile and your real name. You are required to show a matching ID at the gate.

How many people can I register if I win the lottery?
Two. Everyone getting an invite through the lottery has the opportunity to register one “+1”, providing there are still spots left. Both memberships are personal and you have to be able to provide the email to a membership profile that is still unpaid for to use your +1.

Why a lottery?
Previous years, we have been using a first-come-first-serve-system, and this year the decision was made to try a lottery instead. The reason behind this is that the last 3 years have all sold out within minutes of the registration opening. This means that those years have virtually been lotteries anyway, but with the added layer of giving advantage to those with faster internet connections and dropping people out of the system unfairly because of tech problems. What we are doing now is just acknowledging the fact that this already was a lottery, and have that play out in a more organised fashion.

What happens if someone else confirm and pay for my profile? Will I lose my place in the queue?
If your friend registers you as their “+1”, you will still keep your place in the queue. However, when it is your turn, you will not have the opportunity to confirm and pay for yourself (since you already have been paid for), but you still keep your “+1”, to give to someone else. You will need the registered email for that person to be able to pay for them.

What is BurnerTickets?
BurnertTickets a ticketing solution for both sanctioned and un-sanctioned regional burns and burner-related events. It’s developed by a couple of American buners and ran non-profit.

Can I transfer memberships?
Yes. Memberships are personal, and you will be checked in by name when you arrive at the gate. The process works like this.

  1. Memberships may only be sold for the same prize that was paid. Any attempt of scalping may result in the membership being invalidated altogether.
  2. The person who is getting the transfer first has to register their own membership profile on Burner Tickets.
  3. The one letting go of their membership will then be able to initiate a transfer by logging on to their own profile and entering the email of the one they are transferring to.

Normal Transfers close on Saturday 14 July , at 20.00 Copenhagen time, after which the ticket-transfer option on your profile will be locked. After this, the process will involve a little more effort through our very own fabled Borderland TRANSFERMONSTER… (DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!).

Can I get a membership through the grant process?
No. Only members can apply for Art Grants and other grants. You have to successfully register first.

Is there any other way to get a membership?
Yes (but pretty much no). The 7 people of the board gets the opportunity to register themselves. It would be a problem if the people who are legally responsible for the economy and security of the event were not able to attend. Therefore, the decision was made at the AGM to give the board memberships before registration opens to the public. However, they still pay the membership fee, just like everyone else.

There are also a few memberships set aside for contingency, to allow for last-minute memberships to for example close neighbours, or government relations or other event essential functions.

Where does the money go?
First, to cover some basic costs; rent, power, toilets, safety arrangements and some other small things. The rest of the money will go towards Art Grants. As a member you will be able to apply for grants to cover expenses, and you will also be a part in deciding which projects get funded. When you have paid your fee, you can add your own project at

Can underage co-creators attend?
Children up to 12 years participate for free. Co-creators under the age 18 may only participate accompanied by a guardian.


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