The borderland is co-created, so we are all organizers. If you have questions, please direct them to the community through our facebook group The Borderland or the FAQ. Also, make sure to help out by answering your fellow participants questions if you think you can help.

For official purposes, there are still some people who are “responsible” for the event. If you have questions that are of an official nature, such as regarding laws, permits, or government, feel free to contact any of the people below. Also in case of emergency, always feel free to call us.

For official matters:

Gustaf Josefsson, +46 70 985 49 79

Mathias Gullbrandson, +46 70 657 23 89

Isadora Wronski, +46 70 301 25 34

Christian Dietrichsen

The Borderland is organized by Gränslandet Ideell Förening and acting independently from Burning Man.
Black Rock City, LLC is not liable for anything resulting from the event or associated operations.

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