The Borderland 2019

Lottery starts 16 February.

Stare at your inbox and log on to your account to see if you won! Enjoy!

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07 February  – Registration opens

14 February 24.00 Copenhagen time – Registration closes

16 February 21.00 Copenhagen time – Lottery starts . 

24 February – Lottery ends, remaining memberships are sold first come first served

DATES 2019:

 15th – 21st july is build

22nd – 28th of july is the official event and

29th to 1st is strike days.

The Borderland is a participatory event, a collaborative community where we co-create events and gatherings as prototypes for our dreams. It is an empty container, open to your initiative. It is an invitation to play, to reflect, and to engage. The event is for co-creators only, and not open to spectators.

What is it that separates dream from reality?

Can you define the thin line that split the two?

What does that border consist of?

Every day we live our lives without fulfilling our dreams, we enforce that border, grow the distance between the two. We make the real more real and the dream more of a dream.

The purpose of The Borderland is to shorten that distance. The distance between dream and reality. It is a place where neither exist, and both exist. At the same time.

Dream and reality, coming together. In the Borderland between the two.

Once again we venture forth towards distant lands, on the border between dreams and reality.


WARNING: This website might contain traces of irony.


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