The Borderland 2014

Dear co-creators!

Make sure to read our awesome survival guide, which contains everything you need to know to reach The Borderland.

Once again we venture forth towards distant lands, on the border between dreams and reality.

There are already projects in the planning and rumors are spreading about a pavilion filled with crystals and that the rabbits will be back to fight the beavers who apparently plan to bring a female oracle. Be sure to join the Facebook group and get in on the planning.

Our alternative world where dreams come true is slowly growing and we want to make sure the new people we bring in are embraced and welcomed to the culture, but also fully aware of the co-creation principles and the small but important things that distinguish The Borderland from the default world. Anarchy, hedonism and new funny initiatives are of course always welcome but let’s keep the spirit we’re aspiring to foster and respect each other’s art works and expressions.

We are it.

Love, xoxo.


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